Do I need to have a family doctor at the clinic to be a patient?

No, we accept walk-ins and are accepting new patients for all our doctors. Just make sure to fill out the registration form when you come in to expedite the process. It can be found here

What are your regular hours? And holiday hours?

We are open Monday-Thursday 10 AM to 6 PM and on Fridays are 8 AM to 4 PM Alternative Saturdays from 10AM-3PM. We are also open on all Statutory holidays from 10AM until 3pm.

Is women’s health looked after?

Yes, our head physician has extensive experience with women’s health and will be able to assist with various issues or concerns.

What if I don’t have an Alberta health card with me, can I still come in for a Walk-in or for an appointment?

Yes, you can come in for a walk-in or book an appointment but you must bring a Government issued ID card with you. If a Health card has not been issued to you or it has expired, you will be charged directly for the services provided.

I had a work-place injury, how quickly can I get the proper WCB forms and a doctors note for my employers?

It usually takes just a single visit to apply for WCB, our experienced staff will gather the paperwork required and send it off to the appropriate department. Doctor notes are also written on the spot, however, there is a fee of $20 for them.

Do I need to bring anything for my first visit?

Yes, we require you bring in your Alberta Health card or a Valid Government picture ID card. For fastest assistance please fill out the registration form on the website and bring in a printed copy. It can be found here

What can I expect from the clinic regarding confidentiality?

Our physicians and staff uphold the highest of standards when it comes to patient confidentiality. We have a proven record of great patient relations and work hard to maintain them.

Should I call in to ask about my test results?

No. When the test results are received and reviewed we will call the patient back for a follow-up if necessary.